Working on:
  • Hands-on Scala Programming
    Thoughts I just started, but my first impression is that is is challenging, and the author treats you like an adult.
Recently finished:
  • Functional Programming Simplified
    Thoughts This book is really good!. The author has clearly been on the same path, since he picks topics I've already thought about as I'm learning. He writes from his personal experience, and yet seems to cover all the topics in a way that cuts through the jargon and tells you what it actually is. It's a great book that I will reference, for sure.
  • Get Programming with Scala
  • Thoughts This was a "hot mess" for a lack of better words. I wanted to like and enjoy this book, but it just wasn't that good. I don't think I'll pick this book up again.
  • Scala & Functional Programming Essentials
  • Thoughts This was a really good course! Once I can work with Scala everyday, I won't need it, but for learning, it is really good. Daniel does annoy me a little bit when he labels things as "easy". Not everybody thinks "easy" things actually are, myself included. I will likely refer to this course occasionally.