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Personal Background

I'm a developer with a background in network and system administration.

Recently, I've been working in primarily Ruby with Rails, some Javascript (jQuery, Vue.js, Angular). I also spend a fair amount of time doing " devops" things (e.g. DB maintenenace, performance tweaking and monitoring, etc.) You probably can't see much, since they are private repos, but checkout "Social" above, if you want to take a look.

I've spent time learning Elixir, Haskell, and more recently, Scala.

If you want to see more detail, checkout "Social" above.

Looking For This is just a list of things I think I'm looking for in a next gig:
  • Functional Programming (or mostly)
    • I've done procedural, OOP, and now want to dive head-first into FP
    • Yeah, you can FP in almost any language, but I'm looking to work with more strongly-typed "functional first" languages
    • Today, I am really liking Scala, but Elixir was also a favorite(minus the strong typing)
  • "Back-endy"
    • I like messing with browsers, CSS, and hacky JavaScript less and less as the years go by
    • I enjoy more things farther away from the front-end, I think.
    • Related to the above, working in some other non-web app arena would be fresh and fun, I suspect
    • This could be "dev-opsy", or "developer-toolsy", but the details will matter, I guess.
  • People
    • People that are open to new ideas and thoughts.
    • It is important to be listended to and to feel that way. No matter if we agree or not.
    • People that actually want to help each other
    • I'd like to feel like I'm on a team and not just taking up space in the same building.
  • Remote
    • Thanks to the pandemic, I'm ready to go remote full-time